‘Inside Out 2’ has one billion reasons to feel good

The Pixar sequel joins an elite club as it paces the $1B mark while keeping the ‘Quiet Place’ prequel at bay.

‘Inside Out 2’ has one billion reasons to feel good
Sadness, Fear, Anger, Joy and Disgust in Inside Out 2. / Pixar Animation Studios

Hello! Welcome to The Box Office Report for the weekend of June 28-30, 2024.

1. Inside Out 2

Weekend gross: $57.4M
Total domestic gross: $469.3M
Last weekend: 1st
Percent drop: 43

It’s wild to think that Inside Out 2 entered its opening weekend surrounded by questions about whether it could restore Pixar’s box office glory. With its third weekend now in the books, it’s beyond clear that Inside Out 2 is a runaway box office phenomenon.

Take a look at the sequel’s most recent accomplishments:

  • It’s Pixar’s third biggest domestic hit, with its $469.3 million trailing Finding Dory’s $486.3 million and Incredibles 2’s $608.6 million.
  • It’s Pixar’s fifth biggest worldwide hit, with its $1.015 billion not too far away from Finding Dory’s $1.025 billion.
  • It’s the first film to break the $1 billion barrier since Barbie did so last summer. (Barbie finished at $1.432 billion. Oppenheimer just missed the $1 billion mark, winding up at $976.1 million.)
  • It currently sits at No. 24 all-time in North America and should easily fly past the $500 million mark.

To put into perspective just how big of a hit Inside Out 2 is for Pixar combined with how much they needed a hit like this, the five films released by the studio since the pandemic began (Onward, Soul, Luca, Turning Red, Lightyear and Elemental) grossed a worldwide total of $1,020,409,615. Inside Out needs just $5,603,572 to pass that entire haul.

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2. A Quiet Place: Day One

Weekend gross: $53M
Total domestic gross: $53M
Last weekend: New release
Percent drop: NA

Tracking for A Quiet Place: Day One was strong, but it underestimated just how well the prequel would perform over its first weekend in theaters. Day One had the best opening weekend for the franchise, slightly beating A Quiet Place’s $50.2 million debut in 2018.

Paramount has to feel good about Day One. A prequel with a different director and without Emily Blunt as its star showed no signs of trailing the performance of the two previous films directed by John Krasinski. (Disney probably also feels good about casting Joseph Quinn, who starred in Day One alongside Lupita Nyong’o) as Johnny Storm in its upcoming The Fantastic Four.) Hopes should be high for A Quiet Place: Part III next year.