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Everything you need to know about the newsletter.

You’ve found Popculturology


Welcome to Popculturology. This is a free newsletter about pop culture written by Bill Kuchman. (That’s me.)

Here’s what you can read about in Popculturology: Movies, TV, trailers, box office news, Star Wars, Marvel, Saturday Night Live and more.

On top of all that, Popculturology publishes Deep SNL Thoughts, a special edition after each new of Saturday Night Live, and The Box Office Report on Mondays.


I once ran a different website called Popculturology. (It covered pop culture.) I also wrote for CBS Interactive’s before they disappeared. Between those two ventures (and Twitter), I’ve been writing about pop culture — Star Wars, the MCU, How I Met Your MotherSNL — for over a decade. 

I’ve resurrected Popculturology as a newsletter to have a space to share my thoughts on pop culture in a post-Twitter social media world.


Every week, you’ll receive at least two editions of Popculturology.

  • The Weekly Newsletter: Publishes on Friday at 7 a.m. ET. This covers all the pop culture news of the week.
  • The Box Office Report: Publishes on Monday at 7 a.m. ET. This covers the weekend box office.

Sometimes, you’ll receive an extra edition of Popculturology.

  • Deep SNL Thoughts: Publishes the Sunday after a new episode of SNL, hitting your inbox as soon as I can write it.
  • Special Coverage: Sometimes there’s news that just can’t wait until the weekly newsletter. Other times, I publish special features outside of the weekly newsletter.


“For years, I loved being Bill’s coworker because I got to pick his brain on pop culture — everything from analyzing SNL’s guests to explaining Marvel’s strategy. I’m delighted that he’s sharing those insights.”

— Dan Diamond, The Washington Post

“A fun and irreverent look at pop culture with a focus on Star Wars, Legos and other nerdy stuff. Highly recommended.”

— Will Cleveland, The Cleveland Prost

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