‘Dune: Part Two’ is almost here. And I’m all in.

Critics are praising the sequel as it’s on track for a big opening weekend. PLUS: ‘Jurassic World’ nabs ‘Rogue One’ director, Jimmy Kimmel hints at the end, and Shane Gillis descends on ‘SNL.’

‘Dune: Part Two’ is almost here. And I’m all in.
Timothée Chalamet in Dune: Part Two. / Warner Bros Pictures

Hello! It’s Friday, which means it’s not only Popculturology day but it’s also less than a week until Dune: Part Two hits theaters.

It’s been hard to miss the hype around Dune: Part Two. The photogenic cast is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly in addition to appearing at premieres for the film around the world. (We all saw Zendaya in C-3PO mode, right?)

Dune: Part Two feels like a moment, especially compared to how the first Dune movie was released in October of 2021 as Omicron kept people away from theaters and Warner Bros. was premiering its major films on HBO Max.

That’s how I saw Dune for the first time. We watched it over two nights, and it really didn’t make a big impact on me. While I loved the world building that Frank Herbert did, there was a lot to download at once.

Kwisatz Haderach. Bene Gesserit. Lisan al Gaib.

Despite the first Dune book sitting on our bookshelves since it was a pandemic purchase, I hadn’t read Herbert’s iconic novel.

While Caitlin was out a few weeks ago, I decided to watch Dune again. Something started to click this time. I began reading Dune a week or so ago and quickly became obsessed with the book. I watched Dune again last weekend, and everything fell into place.

Not only did I get it, I was able to see what changes director Denis Villeneuve made for his adaptation and why he made those changes. Rewatching the three trailers that Warner Bros. has released for Dune: Part Two for the first time since reading the book, I started trying to predict what changes we’d see as Villeneuve brought the second part of the book to life.