‘Civil War’ left me asking why I didn’t like the film

Something about Alex Garland’s new film didn’t sit well with me. PLUS: ‘Monarch’ gets a second season, ‘Dawn of the Jedi’ adds an ‘Andor’ writer, and Conan O’Brien is everywhere.

‘Civil War’ left me asking why I didn’t like the film
Kirsten Dunst in Civil War. / A24

It’s Friday. It’s Popculturology day. Let’s tackle the end of the week like Conan O’Brien tackled Hot Ones.

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I didn’t like Civil War.

But I’m not sure why.

I spent the drive back from the theater on Thursday night going over the film in my head, and I did my best to dissect my thoughts for Caitlin when I got home.

I’d consider myself a fan of writer/director Alex Garland’s work. Ex Machina was a brilliant directorial debut. Annihilation, despite being an unfaithful adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s fantastic sci-fi novel, was unsettling in the best way. And Devs, his limited series on FX, had some very engaging ideas. (Garland’s most recent film, Men, didn’t spark my attention, and I skipped that one.)

Civil War is not the film that the trailers want you to think it is. This will probably turn off some moviegoers. (When I saw the film on Thursday, a couple left the theater a third of the way of the way through the movie.)