A eulogy for Seth Meyers’ ‘Corrections’

The ‘Late Night’ host allegedly plans to end the segment after 100 episodes. PLUS: Scarlett Johansson goes ‘Jurassic,’ ‘The Penguin’ gets a trailer, and ‘Bluey’ sees ‘The Sign.’

A eulogy for Seth Meyers’ ‘Corrections’
Seth Meyers during an episode of Corrections. / NBC

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On March 5, 2021, Late Night posted a three-minute video of Seth Meyers going over a few mistakes he had made during the past week’s episodes.

Over the next three years, Meyers did this again and again, posting a new installment of this segment every week Late Night aired new episodes. This segment grew longer, often stretching close to twenty minutes. It became an ouroboros of callbacks, inside jokes and recurring gags.

Beginning with that fateful day in March 2021, Meyers has given the world 99 episodes of Corrections.

At some point today, Meyers will allegedly shoot the 100th episode of Corrections. And according to the late-night host, it will be the final episode of Corrections.

Meyers has long been the best host in late night. His “Closer Look” segments are just as important as anything John Oliver does on Last Week Tonight — but Meyers does it four nights a week.

Meyers, and Late Night with it, became something different during the pandemic. When the show returned to its studio after going remote during the pandemic, Late Night — like every other live show — did so without a studio audience. For a long period, Meyers was performing Late Night with only his writers and crew in the room with him. It was during this period that Corrections was born.