Welcome to Popculturology. It’s a newsletter about pop culture.

To be specific, Popculturology focuses on movie and television news, trailers and the box office. I also share what my thoughts on the movies and TV shows I’ve been watching, cool stories that I’ve read, and other fun pop culture items I’ve discovered.

On top of all that, Popculturology publishes Deep SNL Thoughts, a special edition after each new of Saturday Night Live, and The Box Office Report on Mondays.

I love writing about pop culture, and I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter. Are you a subscriber yet? It’s the easiest way to make sure you get every edition of Popculturology.

Who Am I?

I once ran a website called Popculturology. It covered pop culture. I also wrote for CBS Interactive’s TV.com before they disappeared. Between those two ventures (and Twitter), I’ve been writing about pop culture — Star Wars, the MCU, How I Met Your Mother, SNL — for over a decade.

I’ve resurrected Popculturology over here on Substack as a place to offer my thoughts on pop culture as we watch Twitter fall apart.

When Do I Publish?

Popculturology publishes on Tuesdays and Fridays. Deep SNL Thoughts publishes on Sunday after a new episode of SNL has aired. The Box Office Report publishes on Mondays.

Both editions of the main newsletter cover the things you love — pop culture news, movie trailers, what I’ve been watching, what I’ve been reading and anything else fun I’ve found online.

How Much Does It Cost?

A monthly subscription is $5.

A yearly subscription is $50.

The yearly subscription basically gives you two free months. Both options are cheaper than the monthly cost of Twitter Blue — and I promise you the only Nazis you’ll have to deal with here are the ones Indiana Jones is fighting.

What Do Paid Subscribers Get?

Everything. You’ll get the two weekly newsletters, Deep SNL Thoughts, the new The Box Office Report newsletter and any special coverage.

Can You Still Subscribe for Free?

Absolutely. The Tuesday newsletter is 100 percent available for free subscribers. Free subscribers will also be able to read previews of every edition.

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Bill Kuchman

Pop culture fan. Owns too many Funko Pops. Was once paid to write about How I Met Your Mother. Now I write Popculturology. A Rochester, N.Y., native now living in the Washington, D.C., area. Won’t pass up a Genny Cream Ale.